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a heavy smoker tries to exercise
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Runtime: 10 minutes
Category: Coughing Fetish
Date Added: 08/28/20, 02:21 PM


I smoked 30 cigarettes a day for many years and recently started smoking 40 cigarettes a day. I am vain like all women and I want to look good. I want my body to be perfect. I decided to do a few exercises to see how fit my muscles are. Of course, I smoke a cigarette while I exercise.
I was not aware of how bad my lungs were. I don't stop coughing while trying to do some of the easiest warm-up exercises. I have to take a break.
I sat down on the couch and lit another cigarette. I talk about how surprised I am that my lungs and my body are in such a bad condition while I smoke and I ...

a heavy smoker tries to exercise

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