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The Babysitter Series: Part 1 of 12, "Interview"
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Runtime: 22 minutes
Category: Taboo
Date Added: 02/11/16, 03:10 AM


It's so important to find the perfect fit when you're looking for a babysitter to stay with your . Jesikkah has had bad luck with her previous babysitters, so she takes it very seriously when she is interviewing Sadie for the job. They discuss the house rules, the ' schedule, and the expectations for the babysitter. Most importantly: Sadie may never have friends over while babysitting, and she is never, EVER, to be alone with Jesikkah's husband. After they talk, they decide to do a test run with the, and let Sadie get started in learning the routine. After the test run, Sadie goes out to the k...
The Babysitter Series: Part 1 of 12, "Interview"

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