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Willow Can't Get Into House Desperation Pee
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Runtime: 5 minutes
Category: Pee
Date Added: 10/14/15, 07:20 PM


Willow had a really long, exhausting day at the hospital. She was so busy all day that she couldn't even stop to use the bathroom. As she arrives home, desperately needing to empty her bladder, she tries the code on the front door lock. Nothing. It flashes red at her and doesn't unlock. She tries it over and over to the same result: she can't get in the house to get to the bathroom. She tries the garage code, and it won't open, either! In her agony of needing to relieve herself, she goes back to the front door again and punches in the code one more time. Nothing. She prances around on the fron...
Willow Can't Get Into House Desperation Pee

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