Gianna & Kitty Help Willow Tie Up & Devour a New Boy Toy

Willow has been out partying, and found a sexy stud to bring home. She has a big surprise for him, because Gianna and Kitty are at home and ready to play. The three girls strip him naked, tie him to the bed, and take turns licking and sucking his super hard cock. They talk dirty to him, they tease him, and they take turns swallowing his hefty rod deep down their throats until he can barely stand the excruciating pleasure of three mouths on one man. He admirably holds out as long as he possibly can with three vixens trying to steal his cum. The girls savor him like a delicacy. He is helpless. They are relentless. As he blows his hot load, they share it and continue to enjoy him like the extra tasty treat they were all hungry for.

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