Holy Bukakke! It's a Very Sticky White Christmas

Mistress Jesikkah is literally at the end of her rope with bad girls Natalie and Sadie. In fact, she has tied them on the end of her rope because they have been on Santa's naughty list all year long. She's going to show them what naughty girls deserve. It turns out, Jesikkah is ALSO on Santa's naughty list but SHE gets rewarded for it. And since she's feeling generous, Mistress is going to share her rewards with her little helper sluts. First, all three girls start by enjoying each other in their little sexy red Christmas negligees. They are sexily electric as they kiss and tease each other, even though Jesikkah still has their hands tied with that naughty girl rope. But Jesikkah is always the mistress and when she bares her pretty, soft tits the other girls worship them. Jessica is so excited by this that she pulls in a nice big cock for the naughty list girls to share. Then another, and another, and another, until there are so many the girls hardly can decide which ones to suck first! Sadie takes the first big load all over her face-even in her eyes! Jesikkah is a in a candy store and sucks two at once, while Natalie is gobbling cocks like the best meal ever. All the excesses of the Christmas season are in play as the LazyCat ladies get covered with loads and loads of cum! This sexy Christmas bukakke ends with an enormous cum load all over Jesikkah's face, which she and Natalie share off of each other's tongues. Jesikkah has proven that naughty girls DO get to have all the fun--and all the cum.

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