Kylie's Twerking Rebellion Gets Her Fucked By Stepdad

Kylie is just practicing her twerking in front of the laptop camera, not hurting anybody, but when her stepdad walks in on it, he is really angry. He's told her before that twerking is "the Devils dance". He's told her not to use his work computer to practice her twerking, and since she insists on breaking the rules, step daddy is going to have to tell Mom about it when she gets back in the house. Kylie will make him a deal, if he promises not to tell her mother. When he does promise, Kylie pulls off her shirt and also undresses her stepdad, too. She puts his big, forbidden cock into her young, sexy mouth and swallows it all the way down. She knows she shouldn't be doing this, but she thinks it's the only way to not get in trouble from her mom. Stepdaddy is surprised she knows so much about sucking cock. Kylie wants to make sure this bribery really works, so she offers to so even more to keep him quiet. She gets on all fours and her stepdad rams his thumb into her juicy pussy and takes off her bra. He smacks her ass and the climbs behind her to shove his long cock into her tight, little pussy. She takes every inch of it and he keeps pounding her from doggy until she she whimpers and moans. She begs him to ram her harder and he complies. His big, stepdaddy hands on her shapely hips, he fills her with every inch of him until he pulls out his cock and shoots his hot load onto her ass. He asks if she's done with twerking now, or are they going to have to do this again? Cheeky Kylie says she's going to keep doing it, and they might just have to make this arrangement again.


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