Natalie, Willow, and Gianna Team-Blow a Guy After Willow Squirts: Part Two of Two

Willow squirted on this big cock in Part One, and just then Gianna walked in from her hard day at work. She would love to blow off some steam, so she joins the other two girls sucking this big, meaty piece of meat. The antidote to a hard day is a hard cock, says Gianna. Natalie and Gianna give him the works; sucking, ball licking, deep-throating, as the lucky guy gets comfy and settles in for this fabulous dream cum true. Gianna is a greedy girl and tries to keep it all for herself, but there is really enough of this big cock to go around. These ladies are more than almost any guy could hold out against, although he puts up a valiant fight to hold onto his cum. But three girls get what three girls want, and when they work in sync like this, what they get is a fountain of cum on their faces. Much better end to a crummy day of work!

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