Teacher Series - Natalie catches the custodian jacking off and blows him

Naughty Natalie has the best job in the world. She is a teacher that takes advantage of horny students at every turn. Her study groups have become famous at her school, making her the most popular teacher ever! Maybe its the way she can deep-throat a big  cock and lick the balls at the same time. That is a great trick for any guy. 

But today is different. She has heard a rumor that the custodian has been jacking off in the maintenance area. Of course, she can't resist checking it out. She catches him in the act and he's super embarrassed! But he knows her reputation and quickly gets her to help out. His big shaved balls are no match for our teacher, who hungrily sucks and slobbers on every inch of his hard rod. Her lipstick lips are wet with anticipation of his hot cum load, and he doesn't disappoint!


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