The Babysitter Series: Part 2 of 12, "Sadie Seduces and Sucks the Dave the Dad"

Oh, Sadie clearly knew the rules. Jesikkah told her never to be home alone with her husband because he doesn't know how to properly behave with a sexy babysitter in the house. So when Dave arrives home long before Jesikkah is expected, Sadie is just too curious about this sexy dad. He offers to drive her home, and she says she'd rather stick around. She reaches right out and touches him in an unmistakable way. She wants to suck his cock and helps him get undressed so she can taste this forbidden fruit. After all, that is the sweetest kind! She takes this unfamiliar, big cock into her mouth and shows him what she can do to make his long day end on a much better note. Sadie isn't in any hurry, because she knows Jesikkah won't be home for a long time, and she just lets her mouth do all the work with her boss' nice cock. She takes off her school sweatshirt and he plays with her bare tits. Dave lies back onto the couch and Sadie happily returns to her very pleasurable duty. Sadie is really blowing Dave's mind with her skills; who knew the babysitter would be such a horny, little temptress?! It was all set in motion when Jesikkah gave Sadie that warning about Dave being handsy with the previous babysitters. Dave didn't know about the warning, but he knows that this is his favorite babysitter yet! He's so turned on that he wants to have something to remember this moment by, and while Sadie is busily giving him the blowjob of his life, Dave has snapped a photo with his phone. As Dave gets close to cumming, he stands up and face fucks Sadie until he can't hold out any longer. Sadie looks up at him with her soulful, brown eyes as Dave's hot load shoots onto her upturned face. Sadie knows seducing Dave was dangerous for her employment, but she thinks he'll keep their little secret. Maybe she should have been more concerned about that photo he took!

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