The Babysitter Series: Part 3 of 12, "Sadie Sucks Dave's Friend John to Keep Him Quiet"

Sadie should have known she ought to watch her back after Dave, the dad whose she babysits, took a selfie of his cock in Sadie's mouth (Babysitter Part 2 of 12). But she had forgotten all about it. Until one night, she's sleeping on the couch and is awakened by John, an annoyed friend of Dave's, who has seen the pic and is mad that Sadie has been getting dirty against all the house rules that the mom, Jesikkah, clearly detailed during the interview (Babysitter Part 1 of 12). Once John has confronted Sadie about potentially getting his friend Dave into trouble, he threatens to tell Sadie's parents what she's been up to! Desperate to keep her parents from finding out, she seduces John with the promise that they will both keep this to themselves. She swallows this big cock, reminds John how she had let Dave cum on her face, and sucks him long and deep. She strokes him and wears down his resolve; he is going to cum and then their secret will be set...just like the juicy goodness all over her face. But Sadie has learned her lesson and isn't going to let anyone put her in a position of weakness again! She snaps her own selfie of the results of this deal. Just in case.


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