The Babysitter Series: Part 5 of 12, "Sadie and Kylie Suck Dave the Dad"

Sadie just can't seem to follow the house rules. She let the mom seduce her (Babysitter Part 1 of 12), then she sucked the dad's cock (Babysitter Part 2 of 12), then she sucked the dad's friend John's cock (Babysitter Part 3 of 12), then she invited her friend Kylie over and and seduced her, too (Babysitter Part 4 of 12)! She very clearly knew she shouldn't have done any of those things--but she just can't seem to stop doing it! So now, she has invited her friend Kylie over again, and is telling Kylie about her little infraction with the dad, Dave. Kylie is so intrigued, and they're talking about Dave, just as he walks in. Dave is aggravated at them because Kylie isn't supposed to be there, and when Sadie offers to make it up to him for breaking the rules again, he is all for it. The two naughty girls undress him and suck his big cock in tandem. Dave knows he has struck gold with these horny, young girls. He gets Kylie out of her top and Dave and Sadie rub, lick, and squeeze her bouncy, grabbable tits. This hot trio doesn't stop here, though. Dave tells the girls to finish undressing, and then he moves into a sitting position. This dad is getting his pole rocked and sucked by two hot, barely-legal girls, while his are sleeping in the next room! He's fingering Kylie and she's moaning, Sadie is sucking him, and they are all having a fun, playful, sexy time together. He holds out for an admirably long time during all this sensual stimulation, and he holds Kylie's head still so that Sadie can milk his big, creamy load out all over Kylie's face.

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