The Babysitter Series: Part 6 of 12, "Kylie Blows the Older Son DJ"

Kylie has been over twice to visit Sadie while she was babysitting, and one day when Sadie is ill, she asks Kylie to stand in for her. Kylie is there, reading a book and minding her own business, when the family's older son, Dave Jr., bursts in and demands to know where Sadie is. It seems he's the only one so far NOT getting any of that sweet, young action, and he wants to change all that. Kylie is getting the third degree from Dave Jr., DJ, and she's flustered when he approaches her and asks if SHE wants to have some fun. Kylie resists, saying she is really just here to babysit, but when DJ pulls her top off, she starts to come around to the idea. When he pulls out his big cock, she warms right up and thinks of some fun things to do with it. She starts out by swallowing it whole, then squeezes it in between her big titties, and then lies on her back to let him face fuck her. She strokes his shaft while she sucks his balls, then sits back up to take him into her deep throat once again. Back between the titties; back down the throat. DJ tells Kylie she's going to make him cum on those tits, and after a few more minutes of her special attention, that's just what he does. But he isn't very nice to Kylie afterward; he'll be lucky if he ever gets to play with this hot little cupcake again!


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