The Babysitter Series: Part 8 of 12, "Kylie Seduces and Sucks the Dad's Friend John"

Kylie is getting annoyed at how often Sadie has been asking her to babysit. One time she needs to go to her grandmother's house, another time she has errands she needs to run, this time, Sadie has said that she's sick and needs Kylie to watch the . So, Kylie does the nice thing and stands in for Sadie yet again. As she's sitting on the couch after the have gone to bed, Kylie is startled by John, the Dad's friend, who Sadie blew in order to keep him from telling her parents the naughtiness she's been up to at this job. He's looking for Sadie because she's been tweeting the photo she took with John's cock in her mouth. Kylie finds this amusing, but doesn't find it amusing that every time she's here, someone comes in and wants to fool around with Sadie. She wants them to want to fool around with HER! So as John is getting ready to leave, Kylie seduces him so she can show him how good she is at this 'babysitting' thing. She undresses John, and then takes off her own top. John loves her huge tits. As she sucks him, John makes comments about how Kylie is different from Sadie. And he is really enjoying everything Kylie is doing to him. She has him figured out in no time and decides to slow it down and tease him just a little bit and take her time. The visual of the young beauty, topless, sucking his big cock is super hot and John loves it. But she can't keep it slow for too long, because she loves a hot, sloppy suckoff. She licks his balls, deep throats him, uses everything she has to show him she's better at this than Sadie, since she's still mad at her. She wraps those tits around his cock and blows his mind with a gorgeous titty fuck. He mentions that Sadie let him cum all over her face--Kylie wants his load all over her big tits. He gives it to her, and she milks the juice and then plays in it. He leaves her with a smile. She's certainly not grumpy anymore, and she thinks maybe people are going to start looking for HER instead of Sadie!


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