Game Time! Kylie Referees the LazyCat Thumb Wars: Jesikkah vs Sadie

Everyone knows Kylie is a born leader--and she is in charge of keeping the LazyCat Thumb Wars operating per the rules and with all parties in full compliance. Jesikkah and Sadie are in an intense match to determine who will masturbate the other, and with what toys. These ladies will stop at nothing to win--including some degree of cheating. The winner gets to select the Hitachi attachment that most interests her, and the defeated gets the enjoyment of using aforementioned attachment on our heroine....who then lies down and removes her panties so she can receive her winnings. Our gorgeous referee assists as the winner gets a good eight minutes of sensual torture by the vanquished...who just MIGHT be enjoying the chance to tease her mercilessly. HINT: our victor isn't used to being in a position of vulnerability, but you get the rare chance to see it here. Kylie kisses her and plays with her tits while she's being accosted with the insanity of the vibrator. Our vibrator operator, who is super sexy and having an awesome time tormenting the winner, teases, denies, and taunts her until she can barely stand it. Three sexy ladies, just having fun and being naughty together. Who knows...maybe there'll be a rematch!!!

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