The Babysitter Series: Part 4 of 12, "Sadie Invites Her Friend Kylie Over and Seduces Her"

When Sadie interviewed to be the Johnsons' babysitter, mom Jesikkah made the rules very clear: no being alone with the dad, David, and never have friends over while babysitting. Sadie already broke the first rule by sucking David's cock (Babysitter Part 2 of 12), and now she's about to break the second rule, too. There's a knock at the door and Sadie's friend Kylie has stopped by after her own babysitting interview at one of the neighbors' houses. Sadie confides to Kylie that, at her interview, Jesikkah had seduced her and made her cum (Babysitter Part 1 of 12). Kylie admits she's always been curious about what it would be like to be with a woman, but that she really had no idea what to actually do, or even how to get started. Sadie responds by taking off Kylie's top and leaning in to kiss her. Kylie is nervous and a little bit hesitant. Sadie, the little vixen, is undaunted and really wants to taste Kylie's sweet pussy. She gets Kylie completely undressed and lays her back on the couch. Kylie is amazed at how great it feels when her friend begins nibbling her clit and fingering her super-tight pussy. She moans and calls out as Sadie explores all of her sensitive spots. Kylie's eyes roll back in her head because it feels so, so good having a girl play with her pussy. Sadie is having fun making Kylie go crazy and won't let up at all. Two sexy, young beauties, breaking the rules and having amazing sexual fun while the boss is away. Taboos are meant to be broken, and Sadie is excited for Kylie to cum in her mouth. As Kylie screams her pleasure, Sadie moans with delight and satisfaction. Afterward, Kylie is thrilled but exhausted from the amazing experience of her first time with another woman.

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