The Babysitter Series: Part 9 of 12, "Jesikkah Teaches Sadie a Lesson"

Mistress Jesikkah runs the show. She is ALWAYS in charge. Jesikkah seduced babysitter Sadie at her very first interview with her (Babysitter 1 of 12), but now that she has found out about Sadie's dalliances with Jesikkah's husband Dave, and with family friend John, Jesikkah needs to remind Sadie about the pecking order. So, peck she will. Sadie is tied spread-eagle to the tabletop when Jesikkah confronts Sadie with all of her wrongdoings. Sadie has broken every rule since the day she started. Jesikkah enumerates the infractions to lingerie-clad Sadie, still on her back on the table, and Mistress tortures the girl with sensual touching and stroking, until finally pulling Sadie's thong off and throwing it to the floor. She says there's no way that either Dave or John could have possibly made Sadie feel better than SHE can, and to prove her point, she straps on a dildo and sets about teaching Sadie a lesson. A very HARD lesson. This is how fucking is supposed to feel, and Sadie takes Jesikkah as she pushes that dildo deep into her tight, little, wet pussy. Pounding her with the strap-on and rubbing Sadie's clit, Jesikkah makes the babysitter cum hard and long like no man could. After Jesikkah pulls it out, she puts her face back down to tap her tongue against Sadie's well-fucked, gaping little pussy.


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