Tied-Up Sadie At Willow's Mercy

Willow has Sadie tied up with her legs spread wide. Sadie can't move at all. Willow teases her wet, little pussy just to set the tone. She goes back up to caress her skin and kiss Sadie's open, moaning mouth. Willow then pulls down Sadie's top to expose her firm, young tits, and toys with and tugs the nipples as Sadie groans in pleasure. Willow knows how exposed that inviting pussy is, and can't help herself but to put her face between those bound legs and nibble the big meaty lips and tasty clit. Now it's past the point of no return and Willow slides her fingers deep inside to give Sadie what she desperately needs. Sadie lets out a big, creamy dribble of wetness before she starts to squirm and writhe in orgasmic ecstasy. Willow can't get enough of those big, tasty pussy lips and continues to tongue them long after Sadie cums in her mouth.

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