Willow Demonstrates Her Sexy, New Skills To Sadie

Education is important. Willow is always learning new things, and has some fun new skills she can't wait to try out on her sexy, young roommate Sadie. She starts out by kissing her full, beautiful mouth. Then she moves on to playing with Sadie's perky, hard nipples. Willow continues to seduce Sadie by fingering her juicy pussy, making her very excited and wet. Obviously very anxious to experience this new set of skills, Sadie lies back, while Willow climbs in between her legs. Sucking and licking this nubile, young pussy, Willow tantalizes Sadie more and more. She spreads her sweet pussy lips and sticks her tongue inside, then teases that needy clit with her hungry, hungry mouth. Sadie doesn't want it to end, but her body begins to writhe in ecstasy as she cums from all of the hot moves Willow has been studying. Education, you see, is VERY important.

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