Kitty Pees on Her Tied-up Boyfriend Part One

Kitty had invited her boyfriend over for dinner, but before he could get there she found out he's been posting their private sex tapes on ! As he was arriving for dinner, he tripped and hit his head, knocking himself . Now, as he begins to awaken, he realizes something is not right. His hands and feet are bound with duct tape and he is on his back on the floor in Kitty's house! She has dragged him in, and in her anger she's decided to teach him a lesson! Kitty tells him all about how she discovered what he has done, how angry and embarrassed she is to know her friends have been watching her personal sex tape! She had to quit her job and dye her hair black to escape the humiliation! As she chastises and denigrates him for doing such an unconscionable thing to her, she decides to show him how literally PISSED she is at how he's ruined her life. She lifts her skirt, stands over the top of him, and pees right on him--on his body and right in his face. And even after all this, she is still upset. This guy screwed with the wrong girl this time!