Willow and Hussy Find Haunted Ruins and Pee On the Stones Per the Legend!

Willow and Hussy are walking through the woods on a beautiful day, as they happen across the location of some haunted stone ruins of a local legend. The legend says that if a woman pees on the stones, she will become extremely horny and will have squirting orgasms far beyond what she normally had. Of course they HAVE to try, even at the risk of angering the demons!! Both of them release hot streams of splashy, sparkly pee at the ruins, and then just to be sure they pee again at another potentially haunted spot as they are walking out of the woods. Later, by poolside, they test the legend by masturbating in the sun, to find out whether their orgasms are crazy, fast, and sloppy wet now. Hussy finds that she believes the legend, as she squirts, and squirts, and squirts all over the pool deck. The legend is confirmed. Thanks, orgasm demons.

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