Willow and Hussy Storytelling Pee in Bed

Hussy went to a party last night, and she is telling Willow about it while they lie on the nice, clean bed. She talks about a couple she played with, and a sexy guy she met at the bar. The guy she met at the bar was very kinky. Kinky in a way that involves water sports. Hussy has never had a chance to pee on a guy before. As she tells Willow about meeting the guy, and how attractive he was, and how exciting it was to do kinky things, she shows Willow how she knelt over the top of the hot guy and let her pee pour out on top of his hard cock. She demonstrates by wetting her pants right there on her hands and knees on the bed!! Willow listens, getting more interested as the story goes on, and decides she would like to try that, too. So after Hussy pees right on the bed, Willow gets on her hands and knees and she pees all over her own pants on the bed, too. Now both of them are sitting and lying on soaked bedding, with visibly wet pants, on the bed.

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