Willow Pees in the Woods - Pee Desperation and Public Nudity in the Park

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It's a steamy, hot, and humid southern summer morning. Yes, that really is just what Willow loves, but she realizes she'll need to really hydrate and drink LOTS and LOTS of water. Come and tag along as she takes her time soaking up the sunshine. As Willow frolics past unsuspecting bystanders, she lifts her little dress, revealing her ass. Willow takes a rest on a on a bridge, for a sip of water, letting her breasts glisten in the sun. Seems like a good time to pull her top down for a little nipple play. But Willow doesn't realize how long this trail really is, and now she has a really full bladder. She needs to pee REALLY BADLY. She has drunk far too much water and there is no way she is going to be able to hold it all the way back. She is still some distance from a bathroom, but continues to hold it. Just as she doesn't think she could hold it a second longer. Luckily, she stumbles upon a secluded path and finally gets to relieve herself - and just in time. After she releases every last drop, the relief of letting all that hot pee out into nature makes her extra horny. She naturally plays with her nipples. Wouldn't you? :-)

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