Big brother Zac gets Edged by little sis Malina

Oh hey big brother! I know you're dating my best friend and I'm really concerned - can we talk?  She tells me that your cock is super hard but you can't last very long because you get soooo excited and cum deep inside her in just two minutes! I really love my friend, and I love you, so I want to help you out. Have your heard of edging? I read that it helps you last even longer, and get even harder! Even better, you build up even more cum and give her a big warm sticky explosion deep inside her! Would you like to try edging with me? I will lick and suck your cock and bring you to the edge of orgasm, then stop right before you cum! We will do that many times over until finally you can explode all over your little sisters face? Sound good? I thought so!


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