Hussy's Revenge: Sadie and Aunt Natalie Become Robots

Hussy found out about Sadie's blowjob training that had been provided by Sadie's aunt Natalie. Hussy totally supports the idea of better blowjobs, but she's furious because the cock Natalie trained Sadie on belonged to Hussy's boyfriend. Only a good dose of humiliation will do to teach these two a lesson! So Hussy has downloaded a new app that is supposedly supposed to allow her to control the thoughts and actions of people within a few feet of her. When Natalie and Sadie stop by to return some borrowed boots, Hussy fires up the new app and puts them in a robotic trance. She tests it by sending them mundane commands, which begin to get spicier and filthier as she learns how to better work the controls. Soon, both Natalie and Sadie are undressed, kissing each other and soon Sadie is smacking, kissing, fingering, and eating her aunt Natalie's pussy! When Hussy gives the command for Natalie to show how good it feels the truth of the aunt-niece lust comes out. Sadie has wanted to do this for a very long time. Hussy wants to see Natalie cum hard under Sadie's tongue, so she gives the command and Natalie lets loose. As a last little gesture of revenge, Hussy wakes them up while they are still in this compromising position. Horrified and mortified, they gather their clothes and scurry away in humiliation.

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