Jesikkah Fucks Her Husband's Best Friend (Virtual)

Jesikkah always needs so much satisfaction, but can't ever seem to get satisfied. She is not at all afraid to take matters into her own hands to rectify the situation, but sometimes she wants more. When she arranges for her husband's best friend to come and make her cum, he had better be on time! With her dildo in her pussy and her vibrator on her needy clit, she is on the couch and desperate to cum. She has already been working on her own needs, sloppy wet and horny as hell, when he finally arrives. Well, she is glad he has finally arrived with his fat cock trapped and getting hard inside his pants, but now she isn't sure he deserves to be able to fuck her. She meets him halfway by putting his cock in her mouth and licking it, giving him lots of eye contact. She still needs to get fucked, though, so she lies back on the couch, telling him to go ahead and put it in her. She tells him to give it to her, asks him how it feels, and tells him to fuck her harder. Fuck her--fuck her--make her cum! Jesikkah needs to cum and begs him for it. She needs it so badly! He pounds her until she cums and so does he. She is satisfied and happy but just then they hear the door open as her husband arrives home! Quick! Run out the back door! This is a Jesikkah virtual POV at its finest!

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