Malina Comes Home Drunk and Gets Fucked By Daddy after He Inspects Her Panties (virtual)

Dad, I know I its late and I just got back from the party, but I really want to come into your man cave and say hi! Just let me sit down because I just need to.... No! I'm not drunk... really.. well, maybe a little. You think I got fucked? NO! Of course I didn't get fucked! I will show you! My panties are completely dry! I did not have sex! I promise dad! Even if I did have sex, I don't know why you're trying to inspect me now! So I guess I can show you my panties -- see? I'm not wet at all, because I only get wet with you silly! You really like looking at my ass don't you, you pervert! You have a boner now? This is why you want to inspect me! You're so dirty! You just wanted to see your little girls pussy! I guess I will have to show you all my parts just to prove that I didn't! Oh, that feels good, and now I AM getting wet. Let me spread my lips wider and show you there is NO cum in my pussy whatsoever! See?

Why don't you just slide that big boner of yours into your little girls pussy? Mom will never know, since its late and we are in your man cave! I'm really horny right now and you have a boner so why not? Let me bend over for you and let you put that huge boner in - Daddy are you going to fuck your little girl? Well I'm gonna to play for myself and tease you first, so you're just gonna have to wait....


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