Malina Gets Fucked by Her Mean Big Brother

My big brother is such a meanie! He always picks on me and doesn't let me playwith my toys! I hate that he's always horny all the time and uses me like a little sex doll.I really wanted to have a fun day playing with my toys and he just barges in and takes my toys away!He decides to play with me instead and forces me to take his cock like he always does, he's so meanand I hate how easily he makes me wet, I'm just trying to be a good little sister. He's so rough too how he pinsme down and since I'm so little I can't do anything about it. I just hope mom and dad doesn't hear us, but he is such a mean big brother he just shoved his cock in me making me scream and doesn'teven care. My big brother came on my face too, he's never done that before, it was so icky! I just want him to leaveme alone so I can get back to playing with my toys!


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