Malina tries to sell uncle john scout cookies; gets fucked.

Uncle John! Why are you pulling your pants down? I just wanted you to buy my scout cookies! I want to earn my badge and I need to sell my last box! Oh, do you like my scout outfit? Isn't it cute? Its sooo tight and the skirt is soooo short, but I really like it! So you won't buy my cookies unless I suck your cock? Well I guess... but I have to run orders really soon! I forgot how big your cock is, and it is sooo tight in my tiny mouth! No, silly, I'm not getting my dick-sucking badge! But I like sucking your big dick as much as I like scouts! 

Now you want to fuck me? I don't have time for this! But I guess we can fuck for a little while, but I HAVE to keep my cute scout uniform on and white tennis shoes and cute socks! Ooooh, you make me purr when you rub my pussy like that... It feels so good when you rub my clit while I'm stroking your big cock. I can feel my pussy pulsing just thinking about being filled by you! OOOHHHH! That feels sooooo good! Just pound my little scout pussy with that big cock all you want! It feels sooo good! I want to rub my clit while you pound me because then I have the BIGGEST orgasms. Now pound me from the side with that big cock. Keep pounding until I get that hot juicy load all over my tiny faces and braces! You're my FAV uncle in the world! :-)


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