The Babysitter Series: Part 1 of 12, "Interview"

It's so important to find the perfect fit when you're looking for a babysitter to stay with your . Jesikkah has had bad luck with her previous babysitters, so she takes it very seriously when she is interviewing Sadie for the job. They discuss the house rules, the ' schedule, and the expectations for the babysitter. Most importantly: Sadie may never have friends over while babysitting, and she is never, EVER, to be alone with Jesikkah's husband. After they talk, they decide to do a test run with the , and let Sadie get started in learning the routine. After the test run, Sadie goes out to the kitchen to clean up after dinner. Jesikkah watches her walk away and is clearly hot and bothered by the sexy girl walking around in the house. They sit back down to discuss how things have gone, and review the events of the day. Jesikkah is becoming more and more distracted as she talks to Sadie, who is sitting close to her on the couch. Jesikkah mentions that the reason she never wants Sadie alone with her husband is because he tends to get a little handsy and doesn't know how to behave with the babysitters. Jesikkah notices that Sadie somehow managed to get some food on her shirt during the kitchen clean-up, and reaches over to pick it off her shirt. Sadie says she would never do anything illicit with Jesikkah's husband, or any of her previous employers, and Jesikkah is prompted to ask her if Sadie has ever been with a woman before. Sadie seems shy about the question and admits that she hasn't. Jesikkah is unable to keep her hands to herself, and as the sexual tension builds, she starts to gently touch Sadie in more and more obvious ways. She asks how Sadie would feel if someone she worked for wanted to have her do more than simply watch the . Sadie is nervous but Jesikkah reassures her that it will be so much better than when she's been with men. She'll show her exactly how a girl should be treated. Jesikkah proceeds to find an excuse to undress Sadie, exposing her young, inexperienced body. They kiss; Jesikkah lustfully touches, kisses and seduces Sadie completely. The seduction is slow and expertly sensuous as Jesikkah makes her way down to Sadie's tight, little, soft pussy. Their chemistry is hot and undeniable as Sadie experiences lesbian seduction for the first time. Sadie can't hold back her excitement as Jesikkah takes control of that sweet, young pussy and nibbles it and tongues it until Sadie climaxes in ecstacy. As Jesikkah rises after completely owning this young girl, she tosses Sadie's shirt back at her and tells her to be back on Monday to start working. Part One of a Twelve-Part Series!


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