Hussy Gets Back At Her Boyfriend -- She Pees on His Laundry!

The Happy Hussy is FAR less than happy tonight. She cooked a lovely dinner for her thoughtless boyfriend, who is late for dinner and hasn't even bothered to let her know when he'll be home. She tries to distract herself from her annoyance. She reads, she folds laundry, and paces around. But once she gets a text from him, telling her he has decided to go out with the boys tonight, she decides she wants revenge. She takes all of his favorite clothes, fresh from the dryer, looks at them piece by piece, and lets loose an angry stream of revenge urine on all of his clean laundry. Then she throws it outside the front door for him to find when he gets home. If the Happy Hussy cooks you dinner, you had better be on time.

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